Saturday, February 04, 2012

Bronze Age Sub-Mariner Splash Page Saturdays # 49

We skipped last week so just a reminder: we're in mid-'72 at this point and Gene Colan is Subby's regular artist. This issue is inked by Frank Giacoia. Although generally considered on of comics' most reliable inkers of the period, his work really doesn't fit well with Colan's more fluid style.

Still, this splash is pretty good with Namor facing off against Modok and his androids. Odd that Modok's mouth is completely covered since he's speaking so much.

Sub-Mariner is nicely ramed by his attackers and the overall coloring works for a change.

I don't care for the "hip" font used for the title, "The Dream Stone" but other than that, I'd call this a good one.

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