Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stray Pussycats

Longtime readers may recall that my very first published article--way back in 1988--was an AMAZING HEROES article about Marvel's most obscure heroine--PUSSYCAT! Written anonymously at first bit later signed by Larry Lieber, the strip appeared in various Men's mags published by Marvel's parent company at the time and featured art by Wally Wood, Bill Ward and, eventually, Jim Mooney. It wasn't really all that explicit and the strips were filled with silly puns and leering males. In 1968, a one-shot magazine was published by Marvel featuring many of the early strips along with sone new art by Bill Everett. What many may not realize is that the strip continued for some time after that, building up enough inventory to fill at least a couple more issues that never came. Here are a few PUSSYCAT original arts odds and ends found on the Net. All are non-collected strips and all were credited to Jim Mooney (although one looks like Ward to me). Under Mooney's brush, our heroine resembles no less than Gwen Stacy with Little Annie Fanny's body! Not a bad combination.

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