Sunday, August 21, 2011

Silver Age Sub-Mariner Splash Page Sundays # 27

Well, this one's colorful, that's for sure. A tad dull in its subject matter but nicely drawn by Buscema and Esposito.

One presumes, since it had long been established that Dorma can't breathe out of water at all, that this is IN water. You certainly can't tell it, though. No concession to it at all--no plants swaying, no bubbles, no guppies swimming by... zip. Isn't that some sort of smoke rising from whatever that is on the right? Perhaps they just forgot he was supposed to be under the sea.

The book was still well-written by "Roy the Boy" but seemed to be coasting a bit at this time.

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  1. Ha~I know, I totally love how Dorma's hair is laying flat. Likely she used a few cans of Aqua-Net to keep that 'do just so.