Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Voting Is Your Super Power!

Here's a very important new book that both Rene and I worked on a while back. Take a look and, if you are able, support its Indiegogo campaign, please. 

"Of the estimated 25,000 different promotional/giveaway comics of the ’50s and early ’60s, a little more than a handful were devoted to the subject of voting. Sadly, these comics are the most relevant of all the mid-century titles in today’s world. The comics reprinted in Voting Is Your Superpower that were done first in the Cold War period and then in the Civil Rights era contain essential messages for today’s public."

"And this exciting  buzz-worthy book is hosted by a new super hero for our times... General Election! In her first appearance General Election is ablaze with voting power on our special cover by Eisner nominee Sanford Greene the fan-favorite artist of Bitter Root."

"In this 104 page book are rare, cool, vintage, comics collection, you will find a timeless and compelling message of inspiration, motivation, and duty to exercise your right to cast your vote for progressive action so badly needed today. And when you finish and put down this book you will not only have been entertained and enlightened, but you will have realized voting IS your superpower, more formidable than a bat-a-rang, x-ray vision, spider-sense, and a magic-lasso assembled together!"

"Ironically Voting is Your Super Power is introduced by Julie Newmar, infamously known as a super-villain! Here the Tony-winning star of stage and screen known for her role as Catwoman now heroically roars to get out the vote!" 

Best of all, it contains the first ever reprinting of a rare Silver Age Marvel comic book!


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