Monday, July 04, 2016

When Lois Lane ALMOST Married Captain Marvel

Okay, someone explain this one to me. IMDB says the late Noel Neill married makeup man Hal Lierly in 1943 but they have no idea how long they were married. Other online sources mention two marriages but give no details. Searching the newspaper archives I see where she is listed in 1944 as "divorced" from PAUL Lierly (probably a misprint of Hal). BUT...going back further, I see where she asked to have a 1943 wedding annulled almost immediately. The husband was described as "not in the business." Was this Lierly, or...
Even MORE interesting was the piece here, indicating a NEAR-marriage in 1941 to Junior Coughlin who that same year starred as...BILLY BATSON in THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL!!!! So Lois Lane nearly married Captain Marvel???!!!!
But who can tell me what the deal was with her marriage(s)? Even her official bios don't say.

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  1. Well, I found a February 1946 item datelined Hollywood
    that said "starlet Noel Neill [is to marry] Eugene Wooten,
    studio fashion designer..."
    But whether they actually married is unconfirmed. says a Noel D. Neill (age 41) married
    Joel J. Taylor (age 45) in Riverside on November 9, 1962.
    They divorced August 1969 in Los Angeles.

    Back in the news with the 1975 Superman movie, various
    articles reference her as a housewife, and one claimed
    she "preferr[ed] the 'easy life' life of a married woman."
    But no names were proffered.