Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fantastic Splash # 5

Arguably THE seminal issue of the early Marvel Age of Comics, FF # 5 introduced the one and only--often imitated but never duplicated--Dr. Doom! Well, he wasn't quite the Dr. Doom we would come to know and hate but it was a start. Over the years, the sorcery connection evident in the above splash would be all but lost as his intellect was said to rival that of Reed Richards.

Right from the beginning here, though, he had his time machine, and, in fact, used it to send our heroes off on a rollicking pirate adventure in which Ben actually becomes the historical Blackbeard!

This issue was a one-off collaboration between Kirby and inker Joe Sinnott. Ina  couple of years, Sinnott would become the regular inker on the title and inspire Jack to some of his best ever work!

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