Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Seal-1981

Via my movie search service, I've had an inquiry from a representative of these two gentlemen, former Tarzans, Denny Miller and Ron Ely. What's being sought is a failed 1981 TV pilot called THE SEAL, in which both men were featured. The only way it's likely to be found is if someone taped it during its one network airing back then. I didn't Did you? If so, email me at Let's see if we can get these guys copies of their work!


  1. The portraits they are holding, by the way, are by German artist Uwe Reber of Fig Tree Creative Artistry.

  2. I watched "The Seal" pilot as a kid and waited for series to start. I remember Ely got paid by someone handing him a loaf of bread quipping, "You'll find it a little rich", It was just the right kind of spy show for a kid. Loved it. Still waiting by the way. Hope that someone has it. Have you checked the producer or the family of the producer?

  3. No, his handler handed him a cake and he said that this cake has a very rich filling, exorbitantly rich.
    I also remember his character woke up and practiced some martial arts moves when his back went. As a plot device he did a running commentary into a microcassette recorder. The running theme was going to be he was accumulating money in order to hunt and kill a terrorist who had murdered his significant other.

    1. OMG!!!! Yes, that's it, I've been looking for a reference to this show for decades. He referred to the tape recorder as "Freud" and stored the micro-cassettes in a hidden panel labelled "Agency Tapes". The terrorist was known only as "Salem". The guy's wife was killed when Salem blew up an airliner on the ground. I was really starting to think that maybe I had imagined watching the show. Thanks for refreshing my belief in my sanity.

  4. Ok, well I got the jest of it. Who's to say you got it right. My memory is just as valid as yours. So no, you are wrong. It was bread. Lol.