Saturday, May 24, 2014

Larry Storch's Star Campaign


Actor, comedian, impressionist and cartoon voiceover artist Larry Storch has been approved for a sidewalk star but, as you may know, that's only half the battle. These things have to be paid for and it's not cheap. I suggested to Larry's appearance agent, Matt Beckoff, that he might have some success with GoFundMe which you may recall we used successfully last year in our computer campaign. In less than a day and a half, Larry's campaign had more than 1600.00 donated. But more is needed. There are a lot of things that want our attention and money these days and in the grand scheme of things, this one may not be one for you. But Larry Storch has been entertaining me my entire life and he's still out there making people laugh today! So often these people who were so important to us growing up live their whole lives without us ever being able to give back. Here's a small chance. Please consider it. Oh, and Matt's added some nifty incentives, too! Go here to see what you can get!

Here's Matt's pitch:

Comedy Legend Larry Storch has recently been APPROVED for a Star plaque on the coveted Palm Springs Walk of Stars. Unlike many "Star" campaigns, Larry's has already been approved. That means, we need to raise the money NOW to have the ceremony. We are not soliciting funds in the hopes of getting it, we got it, we just need to pay for it. The cost of the Star is $10,000.00 (tax deductible if there is one person interested in sponsoring it) and the remainder will pay for the cost of Larry and a companions trip from NY to Palm Springs/LA for the ceremony. While we are hoping to raise 15k, we would only get around 13.7k after GoFundMe fees. We expect to go slightly over our own budget. If for some reason we go under budget, any and all monies left over will be donated to UNICEF. We are not keeping a dime for ourselves. If for whatever reason the ceremony doesn't take place, any and all monies donated to this page, will be refunded immediately. We are doing this for Larry. Anyone that has met Larry through the years knows what a gentleman he is. This is our way of saying to Larry, "Thank you, for all the years of joy and laughter you have brought into our lives." We hope all Storch fans can help support us. This page is being operated by Larry's friend and personal appearance agent, Matt Beckoff. Please visit Larry's FB page for more info. PLEASE NOTE: WE WANT TO MAKE VERY CLEAR THAT LARRY STORCH/MATT BECKOFF ARE NOT PROFITING OFF OF THIS AT ALL. WE KNOW TIMES ARE TOUGH AND DONATING ONLINE IS A BIT SCARY. ANYONE WHO DONATES, WHEN THE CAMPAIGN IS OVER, YOU MAY EMAIL US AND WE WILL GIVE YOU A DETAILED BREAKDOWN OF HOW EVERY PENNY WAS SPENT. THIS IS 100% TO GET LARRY HIS STAR AND PAY FOR THE TRIP ONLY!

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