Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reading Rainbow Triumphs!

As a sometime professional Librarian and an all-the-time Librarian in real-life, you can imagine that it's important to me that people read. Today, I was planning on offering up a plug for LeVar Burton's READING RAINBOW, a new Kickstarter project hoping to make that venerable old PBS series available in all-new Internet and school episodes for kids here in the new Century! 

Well, guess what? With a published goal of 1 million dollars to make the project a reality, they made that within the first 24 hours and it's still building up! In fact, it's the only KS project I've seen where you can just sit there on the website and watch those numbers jump! 

It looks at this time like they will top a second million dollars today. With 34 days remaining for the project to be active, if this keeps up, they will have made more than $30,000,000 by the time it ends! AND ALL TO TEAC KIDS THE JOYS OF READING!!!

There may be some hope for humanity yet.

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