Thursday, August 15, 2013

Young Booksteve

Fans of my High School Journal blogs might like this forgotten glimpse of me circa 1978 as posted by my cousin  on Facebook this evening--a pic that I sent her at the time. I'm sitting at the same desk I'm sitting at now (not that it's visible in the pic). You can see my autographed pics of Karen Valentine and Marlo Thomas on the wall as well as Farrah and Marilyn Monroe on the art desk behind me and the 2 volume book club edition of John Toland's ADOLF HITLER (a bizarre Christmas gift from an Aunt a year earlier). I still have the Peanuts stickers, some of the large binders (filled with comics) the Sherlock Homes volume, and my high school senior English book (the big green one on the shelf). Jeez, those curtains were ugly. 

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