Saturday, August 17, 2013

Superman Meets Big Boy

Here's a teamup one doesn't see every day. In fact, I wonder if they team up at all inside or if the cover was just a way of promoting SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE? That's certainly not the official Superman logo and if DC were involve din any way, it seems like they'd make sure it was. Anybody have this?


  1. Get a load of Manny Stallman's awkward Superman. I recall Mark Evanier's recollection (in CBG, after Stallman's death) of what a nice guy he was. When he got a harsh letter from a reader complaining about his artwork, Stallman cried.

    The Big Boy comic was available at all the Big Boy chains (Bob's, Frisch's, Elias Bros.) - however, when Shoney's was part of the Big Boy family, it produced its own separate Big Boy comic book.

  2. That would be perfect for the Four Color Shadows blog!

  3. I've got a copy! Here you go...