Friday, October 03, 2008

Comics and Christa

Well, unlike last year, the bad stuff seems to be happening all around me but not to me. At work, we've had employees taken to the ER and multiple family emergencies. At home, bookdave was down so far with a cold he almost didn't get to go collect his five (ahem! That's FIVE!) medals yesterday for last year's school tests. BUT...I'm doing okay (Got a check in the mail for two short stories today!) and the car seems reasonably okay (A couple little rumbles but I'm paranoid) and there's money in the bank so (fingers crossed) it looks like Destination: Mid-Ohio Con early in the AM! FINALLY! I look forward to seeing Tony Isabella for the first time in about 16 years, Mark Evanier for the first time in two decades and meeting folks like Facebook friends Marc Tyler Nobleman and Kenn Minter for the very first time! If I can dig it out after last year's debacle, I MAY even wear my BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY t-shirt so if you're reading this and you see the shirt in Columbus tomorrow, please come up and say hi!

And whether you go or not, don't forget tomorrow evening's special 8 PM updated rerun of THE LAST TAKE on CBS 48 HOURS MYSTERY. The Christa Helm case that we've championed here for a couple of years now continues to move forward and CBS producer Anthony Vindetti promises new information in this second showing. Here's a preview.

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  1. Anonymous1:26 AM

    I still cannot get over how much Nicole looks like her mom. Stuns me each time!