Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Stuff

Haven't been big on Halloween since I was thirteen but nonetheless, we've developed our traditions. Mainly, every year bookdave dresses up., goes down a couple blocks collecting candy and then returns to our porch and gives it all out to other kids! This year, however was a little different. It started when the only exact KINGDOM HEARTS costume he really wanted was only available for about 200 bucks on EBay...from Shanghai! Thus, he had to substitute and he ended up as a variation on the Mothman legend that garnered a lot of praise. I, on the other hand, bought my first costume in years, in V FOR VENDETTA. I figured it was more practical than most as I could wear it again next week! (If you don't get that, I am NOT explaining it!) Then, this evening, it became obvious that the hat wouldn't fit at all once the wig was in place so I gave up trying. Sigh.

We knew one friend was coming over but it turns out she ended up having to bring her niece and nephew (the absolutely cutest two l'l kids EVER!). Then her brother came, also! Add to that one of bookdave's friends who came along and we had a full house for a change. Rene was left here in her operetta valkyarie costume to hand out the candy and the rest of us did the whole six block street for the first time!

Bookdave's costume was better than mine so that's it above with one sample eerie shot of me in my aborted costume.

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