Thursday, October 02, 2008

The One...The Only...? Groucho!

Mark Evanier yesterday noted here- an ad for a collection of OTR comedy bits in which the "Groucho" featured on the cover is, in fact, Frank Ferrante, a noted Marx impersonator.

Seemed like a good time for me to trot out this copy of HOLLYWOOD ALBUM 2, a 1979 collection of celebrity obits from the NEW YORK TIMES. The cover features four then recently deceased stars-John Wayne, Ethel Waters, Elvis Presley and...Groucho?? No. Not really. THIS Groucho is, in actuality, legendary photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt! The man who took the famous V-J Day Times Square photo was done up in disguise for a decades-old LIFE article and obviously the editors (or at least the cover designer) here were fooled.


When I did the above, I wasn't able to find my copy of LIFE GOES TO THE MOVIES which features the original "Groucho" photo. Since then, I did find it (exactly where it's been on the shelf since 1999. Ahem! New glasses maybe?) so here's the proof of the above.

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  1. Thanks for posting these faux Groucho pictures. You might be interested in this post and associated comments at The Marx Brothers Council of Britain blog.