Monday, October 27, 2008

Badly Costumed Super Hero of the Week...Or So

There have been a lot of great super hero costumes in comics from the Golden Age on up--Superman, Batman, Doctor Fate, Deadman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Blue Beetle (Ditko's version, natch), Captain America and, of course, many more. This week, however, we present Quality's HERCULES as drawn by the great Reed Crandall (before his true greatness had set in). Man, I'll bet that costume took some brainstorming! "Hmmmm....a baby blue color scheme or should we go with periwinkle?" Tiny shorts, boots and a cape. Simple. Easy to wash. Come on. Who's kidding whom? This dude lost some kind of a bet at the super-hero club, didn't he?

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