Friday, October 10, 2008

Heart of Glass-Blondie

When I got my very first VCR (a Betamax natch) in 1980, the very first thing I did was to start recording music videos. Shows like Casey Kasem's and SOLID GOLD and SOUL TRAIN would run them and sometimes you'd catch some on prime time variety shows but there was not yet an MTV. The very first video I ever recorded (out of 12 hours worth dubbed off onto VHS a few years back) was this one of BLONDIE with Heart of Glass. Gotta admit, sometimes I'd just freeze frame on Debbie Harry's lovely face. She may not have been the snazziest dresser but she shore were purty! I ended up recording her and her band on dozens of shows over the next few years including her memorable team-up with Kermit the Frog on THE MUPPET SHOW doing the Rainbow Connection. Here's a Net-snagged version of the aforementioned Heart of Glass.


  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    did you ever tape the Nickelodeon show Popclips? It was created by former Monkee Michael Nesmith as the test for MTV and it is impossible to find any episodes of.

  2. Forgot to mention--Didn't get cable either until a couple years later.

  3. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Darn it, Steve... I followed this youtube video to the youtube site, and then clicked through on the 1982 version of this song, then 1996, then 2001, then 2003, 2005 and 2007,
    and behold... (I'll put this nicely)... time changes us all.

    Anyway, it was neat to see the original. She was indeed a wonder to behold.

  4. My fave pic of her:
    met her - very polite and friendly - preety too.

  5. whoops:

  6. Anonymous3:52 PM

    what's a betamax?
    i kid of course... i actually have one somewhere-- several years older than i am, heh heh...

  7. top tune. and, yeah, debbie was absolutely gorgeous, was she not? great post.