Sunday, January 08, 2017


Well, here we are in 2017. If you're keeping up, you may have noticed that this is my first post of the Previously, I had posted a couple of times about my new blog, THE GHOSTS OF 2017. A few days into the year, I decided to delete that blog. My heart wasn't in it. Last year had just seen SO many icons pass, ending so tragically with both Carrie and her mother, Debbie. It all hit me hard at the end. I wanted to do something to memorialize those people whose lives meant something to me as they pass but it was too much. It all brings home the concepts of time and mortality.

Now, tomorrow is my birthday. I turn 58 years old. It's not ancient, and I feel much younger most of the time. But I have some health issues and 2017 is already looking to take away any hope of my keeping them under control. We all lost so much last year and stand to lose even more this year. I have to admit that I'm now closer to 60 than to 50 and while I sometimes still feel I have yet to hit my creative peak, realistically, I have to admit I may have passed it.

I've closed up shop on all my remaining blogs except for this one and FOUR COLOR SHADOWS. The rest will stay up for those who still discover them. I hope to start posting real posts again here in the next few days. Hopefully they won't ALL be obits this year.


  1. Hi Steve
    I have been a regular reader of quite a few of your blogs for quite some time but, shame on me, I think that this is the first comment that I've left. I just turned 59 this last November so I am that little bit closer to 60 than you are! Happy Birthday for tomorrow by the way, whenever that is in relation to Australian time. By and large I have made it this far with only short-term health issues but some others are beginning to catch up with me. After getting this far without regular medication of any sort I am now reluctantly taking pills for my blood pressure. Such is life. You seem a bit down but don't be (easy for me to say with only a relatively superficial understanding of how you day to day life must be) - it's just a number, as my wife keeps telling me; as long as you have a lot of interests and a curiosity about things you can stay young in the mind - the body you have less say over! Phil

  2. Thanks much, sir. You have made my day!

  3. Hey Steve. Great blog. Just found it last year and have been combing older posts. I turned 64 last November. Yeah, always worry about my health.

    Will love it if you continue blogging. Will miss if if you decided you need a break. Just hope you leave the blog up. It's a great resource that covers an era that needs more love.