Friday, August 12, 2016

Crestview Hills Waldenbooks Ad

Found this ad the other day from 1980. I had put in for a position there but didn't get it. In 1982, though, I was hired for the downtown location and, in 1983, promoted to this one! Stayed until 1987, then returned in 1995 where I stayed until 2000. During that stint, I ran across my original 1980 application as I was cleaning out ancient files! With all the time I spent there, I have always considered it MY store.


  1. I visted that Waldenbooks many times. I specifically remember getting some of the earliest Essentials volumes there, for Spidey and the X-Men in particular. Finding any comics content in a store back then was relatively rare, hardly the situation these days with large sections dedicated to comics material.

    Rip Off

  2. Waldenbooks was the first bookstore chain to carry any kind of graphic novel content. It started with the Donning/Starblaze graphic novels in the mid-80s--Elfquest, Myth-Adventures, etc. Then some of the independent graphic novels like PINK FLAMINGOS and things like Eisner's CONTRACT WITH GOD. They made an early but half-hearted commitment to manga, too, but later jumped back in when B&N had more success with it.

    At my particular store, during periods when Managers had leeway with ordering in product, I would always order in as much comics stuff as I could...if only so I could read it and/or buy it myself!