Wednesday, June 19, 2013

R.I.P. Kim Thompson

No, in spite of the name and more than a passing resemblance, we weren't related. Kim Thompson was the driving force behind AMAZING HEROES, the magazine that first published one of my articles back in the late eighties. He was the heart of Fantagraphics, the publisher that has done so much to keep classic and alternative comics in print and in the public eye. Even folks who didn't always get along with him for whatever reason are today remembering him as a fair man who truly loved comics as a medium. 

A few months back, late last year I think, actually, I was surprised to get an email from Kim, whom I had never met or spoken with before, seeking some info. We exchanged a few emails over the course of that day. It wasn't long after that that his cancer was made public. I wrote him again after that but never heard back.

And now he has passed. Rest in Peace, sir. And thanks for everything.  

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