Wednesday, June 26, 2013

James Bond Novels

After I saw my first James Bond movie, 1971's DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, I was hooked. Friend Terry and I were lucky enough that the old Bonds were all being re-released, usually in double or triple bills, so we were quickly able to get up to speed. Then it occurred to us that the book section of the junk shop we regularly haunted for old comic books might also have some James Bond novels! So one Saturday afternoon when we were about 13, we dug through every single one of the hundred or so stacks at the dark and musty store and managed to come up with two pretty much complete sets of 007 paperbacks, all mid-sixties vintage, for a dime each! One for Terry, one for me. Here are some of the covers we found that day.


  1. Steve,

    Those Signet paperbacks are my favorite of all Fleming printings. I first came across them in my High School library in the 80s.

    What really grabbed me were the descriptions on the back and on the first page! So well-written with tantalizing prose and teases of the adventure to come.

    Eventually, like you, I went to the old bookstores in town and quickly built up my entire collection.


  2. Same here, I found these exact books (and more) at a used bookstore on South Street in Philly in 1980. I forget what they cost but it must not have been much because I grabbed as many as were there. Beautiful, sexy covers