Saturday, December 01, 2012

Clara Oswin or Clara/Oswin?

POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD--I think I've figured it out, fellow Whovians! The Doctor meets young Clara (played by Jenna-Louise Coleman) in Victorian England. He does NOT see her as resembling the trapped Oswin Oswald  from the current season opener in any way since he never actually SAW Oswin and what WE saw was just in Oswin's own head, even. 

Something happens that will likely kill Clara and The Doctor doesn't want that to happen. He determines he can save her but only by melding her mind with someone else's, similar to what had been done wit Donna. Where to find 
a mind that wouldn't itself be damaged by doing that? Hmmm...Then he remembers Oswin and manages somehow to pluck her mind out of its Dalek shell just prior to her death but AFTER her adventure with The Doctor and stick it in Clara's head. The two minds heal each other giving Clara Oswin...or rather Clara/Oswin!...both a bit of Victorian naiveté and traces of being the sarcastic computer genius we all fell so quickly in love with as well! 

Just a thought.


  1. Not sure what happened to the fonts there but for some reason I can't fix it. Sorry if it annoys you as much as it does me.

  2. It certainly has al the twisty and turny timey-wimey-ness that is Moffat's trademark.

    I love Dr. Who but I don't much care for the Moffat version. While I am charmed by Matt Smith, the best news for the anniversary would be that Moffat's leaving and taking his repetitive cavalcade of winsome moppets, heroic dads, broken machines,and Tim Burton homages with him.