Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Cincinnati Comic Expo--This Weekend!

There are lots of great guests at this year's 3rd Annual Cincinnati Comic Expo this weekend, many of whom I've never even heard of, though. If you're my age, here are some of the folks you may remember! First off is the first ever SWAMP THING reunion featuring the four artists whose pioneering work on SWAMP THING, partly with Alan Moore, in the eighties, re-ctreated the very concept of adult comics. Tom Yeates currently draws the PRINCE VALIANT comic strip. Rick Veitch has created several cult favorite series including BRAT PACK and 1963. John Totleben worked on MIRACLEMAN including the single most violent comic book story of all time! Stephen Bissette created the pioneering indy anthology, TABOO.

George Perez started on Marvel's WHITE TIGER in the seventies and went on to fame with THE AVENGERS, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARHS and most especially THE NEW TEEN TITANS! The man has drawn more superhero crowd scenes than anyone ever!

Allen Bellman is a Golden Age artist who did much work for late Timely. He is also a sometime reader of and commenter on this blog!

Craig Boldman is a delightful writer/artist/actor best known for writing JUGHEAD and the ARCHIE newspaper strip for years.

Steve Englehart wrote many of Marvel's best stories in the seventies and eighties including long runs on THE AVENGERS, CAPTAIN AMERICA and DOCTOR STRANGE. At DC, he did a great BATMAN run as well as some fun and unique Marvel-style JLA stories.

Mike Royer was Jack Kirby's inker of choice for much of his later work but he was and is also a very good penciller who has worked on TARZAN, FLASH GORDON and Warner Brothers cartoon comics.

P. Craig Russell is one of those artists too good for comics. He did Opera comics and Elric stories but his best known mainstream work is probably his fantastic DOCTOR STRANGE special from the late seventies as well as a unique take on BATMAN.

Of all the Image guys, Whilce Portacio was probably my favorite. His WETWORKS debuted late and because of that I noticed it more. 

Finally, Dirk Manning, one of my Facebook friends and a fine Indy cartoonist.

And Willie Peppers. A Louisville resident according to the PR stuff, I remember Willie from local cons back in the seventies and then work on independent comics in the eighties. Be nice to see him again.

If any of you folks are going, look for me and say "hi." I don't get out much these days but i'm hoping to see some of my online friends and followers there. Starts tomorrow if you have a VIP pass, Saturday for the rest of us. Here's where you can get more info:

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