Saturday, September 01, 2012

New September Highlights from Booksteve Rarities

THE LONE WOLF: Complete Movie Series
Fifteen classic movies featuring the character of Michael Lanyard, alias "The Lone Wolf." This is an eight disc set. $40
The Lone Wolf Returns (1935)The Lone Wolf in Paris (1938)
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (1939)The Lone Wolf Meets A Lady (1940)
The Lone Wolf Keeps A Date (1940)The Lone Wolf Strikes (1940)
Counter-Espionage (1941)The Lone Wolf Takes A Chance (1942)
Secrets of the Lone Wolf (1941)One Dangerous Night (1943)
Passport to Suez (1943)Notorious Lone Wolf (1946)
The Lone Wolf in London (1947)The Lone Wolf and his Lady (1949)
The Lone Wolf in Mexico (1947)


THE FALCON: Complete Movie Series
The complete movie series (all 13 movies) starring George Sanders and Tom Conway. Includes: The Gay Falcon, A Date with the Falcon, The Falcon Takes Over, The Falcon's Brother, The Falcon Strikes Back, The Falcon and the Co-Eds, The Falcon in Danger, The Falcon in Hollywood, The Falcon in Mexico, The Falcon Out West, The Falcon in San Francisco, The Falcon's Alibi and The Falcon's Adventure. Classic 1940s movies on this seven-disc set. $35

This 2-DVD box set includes 14 classic comedy shorts (remastered from original archival elements) starring Shemp Howard in his solo efforts without the Three Stooges. Includes: Home on the Range (1938), Glove Slingers (1939), Money Squawks (1939), Boobs in the Woods (1940), Pleased to Mitt You (1940), Pick a Peck of Plumbers (1944), Open Season for Saps (1944), Off Again, On Again (1945), Where the Pest Begins (1945), A Hit and  Miss (1945), Mr. Noisy (1946), Jiggers, My Wife (1946), Society Mugs (1946), and Bride and Gloom (1947).   $10

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH: Complete Cartoon Collection
Produced in 1967, this half-hour series is quite addictive. Based on the 1959 movie of the same name, it features the voices of Ted Knight, Jane Webb and Pat Harrington Jr. Most 2-disc sets offer the edited versions and sometimes multi-generation versions. Our four disc set contains every episode in the highest quality possible, ten of them from 16mm masters. This is as good as it gets!  $20 

This hour-long television special stars Phil Silvers and Jack Benny. The town of Primrose, Arizona, is teaming with tough outlaws, so the townspeople appoint fearful Fletcher Bissell III as sheriff, otherwise known as "The Silver Dollar Kid" (Phil Silvers). They do so with the hope that, because he is such a coward, the outlaws won't bother to kill him. They are correct, with a hilarious twist -- the outlaws brought in their own cowardly gunfighter, Chicken Finsterwald (Jack Benny) to square off against The Silver Dollar Kid.

If you enjoy Hal Roach comedies, this two-disc set is an essential. Thirteen classic gems (one faturing cameros from Charley Chase, Laurel and Hardy and other Hal Roach staples) includes: Why Girls Say No (1927), Flaming Fathers (1927); Hurdy Gurdy (1929), Should Husbands Come First? (1927), Jewish Prudence (1927), Don't Tell Everything (1927), Call of the Cuckoo (1927), Love 'em and Feed 'em (1927), Pass the Gravy (1928), Dumb Daddied (1928), Came the Dawn (1928), The Boy Friend (1928) and The Itching Hour (1931). These 13 shorts are also re-mastered from the archival prints. This two-DVD set will be available until October 1. Do not delay, it will not be offered again!!!

BUSTER CRABBE: The Complete Billy The Kid Series
When Buster Crabbe left Paramount for PRC Studios, he began starring in a series of his own Westerns, based on the adventures of Billy The Kid. This six disc set contains every Billy the Kid Western starring Buster Crabbe! Billy the Kid Wanted (1941), Billy the Kid's Rounup (1941), Billy the Kid Trapped (1942), Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns (1942), Law and Order (1942), The Mysterious Rider (1942), Sheriff of Sage Valley (1942), The Kid Rides Again (1943), Fugitive of the Plains (1943), Western Cyclone (1943), The Renegades (1943), Cattle Stampede (1943) and Blazing Frontier (1943).  $30 
BUSTER CRABBE: The Complete Billy Carson Series
After Billy the Kid, Buster Crabbe began a series of similar Westerns, now known as Billy Carson. Why the name change, we don't know. But this eight disc box set contains every Billy Carson Western! The Devil Riders (1943), The Drifter (1943), Frontier Outlaws (1944), Thundering Gun Slingers (1944), Thundering Gun Slingers (1944), Valley of Vengeance (1944), Fuzzy Settles Down (1944), Rustler's Hideout (1944), Wild Horse Phantom (1944), Oath of Vengeance (1944), His Brother's Ghost (1945), Shadows of Death (1945), Gangster's Den (1945), Stagecoach Outlaws (1945), Border Badmen (1945), Fighting Bill Carson (1945), Prairie Rustlers (1946), Lightning Raiders (1946), Ghost of Hidden Valley (1946), Gentlemen With Guns (1946), Prairie Badmen (1946), Terrors on Horseback (1946), Overland Riders (1946), and Outlaws of the Plains (1946). $40 

Some good stuff added this month including the complete LONE WOLF and FALCON series, two of my favorites! Warren William stars in the best of the Lone Wolf ones with Tom Conway as The Falcon, taking over from his brother George Sanders who played the role in the first few. You also get some rare TV Jack Benny, lots of solo Shemp silliness, some politically incorrect silent comedies from Max Davidson and the full run of Buster Crabbe's "Billy" B westerns in two sets! And that's just the tip of the iceberg for September. Click the link below to order and to see all of our old and new offerings and for ordering info! 

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  1. About the name change: In 1943 Buster Crabbe was 35 years old. They probably decided he was too old to be called "the kid" any longer.