Saturday, September 22, 2012

Scenes From the Cincinnati Comic Expo

The most eclectic trio of all--Darkwing Duck, Dazzler and Dr. Doom. 3-D's. or is that 5?

                                                                     Whilce Portacio

                                                                          George Perez

                                                                    Dirk Manning

                                                                   Stephen Bissette

Mike Royer

Matt Tauber and Ted Haycraft, two longtime FB friends I met in person for the first time today.

Day one of the 3rd Annual Cincinnati Comic Expo seemed, at least from my point of view, a rousing success. We spent a little money in the eclectic dealers room, saw or spoke with a number of the guests (missed two but brought a present to a
nother that seemed to go over well), met 4 of my FB friends in person for the first time and generally soaked up all the geeky ambiance.

It was a bigger room this year and the crowds were much more orderly because of it. The staff was very helpful and always in a good mood no matter how harried things seemed at times. Lots of displays, lots of cosplayers, lots of non-traditional attractions (arcade games, Jedi training) and, from what I could tell, lots of fun for everyone who attended.

And here's the best part! If you couldn't make it today, it's still there tomorrow! Go! Enjoy!


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