Sunday, April 10, 2022

GoFundMe for Annette Heinz


Seen here is my friend Annette. She lives over in the next county. We’ve never actually met her in person but Rene and I have become close with her online in recent years. She's a very nice woman who has given me some great cooking tips. As often seems to be the case, we are largely broke until next payday but at least we’re caught up on bills. Still, today we managed to come up with a little bit to help Annette. And Annette can really use it right now. In recent weeks, she’s had to go without running water as she has had a major pipe problem that has eluded any kind of simple fix. Now, as she’s been trying to raise the money to deal with that, she’s just been hit by a ridiculously high energy bill!


When friends need help, we help friends. When we needed help a few years back, many of you came forward and helped us. I’m asking you to please consider helping our friend this time, even just $5.00 or $10.00.

THIS, by the way, is also my friend, Annette. 


I lead a very surreal life. Those who followed my 1970s journal blogs—both are which are still up—know that I was buying magazines about adult movies long before I was old enough to actually see any adult movies. I continued doing so into the early 1980s as the coming of home video now made it actually possible to see some. One person I have always remembered seeing in some of those mags and movies from the ‘80s was Annette Heinz.


Yes, this is the same Annette.

 At her peak, she was a world-class burlesque star. She later ended up in adult films for a few years, including PUBLIC AFFAIRS—her best role and one of the best acted, written, and directed films of a genre not known for its acting, writing, or direction.


Like many performers from what’s become known as the Golden Age of Porn, as she aged out of the industry, Annette chose to reinvent herself. In her case, she went back to school where she successfully studied to become an expert chef, a position she held for years at a casino. 


But now she’s back in her home town, I believe in the house she grew up in, and all the familiar comforts of her retirement life seem to have turned against her. The adult industry had no retirement plans and her thousands of online fans cling to her for things she just happened to have done on film nearly four decades ago. They don’t seem to care about the woman she is today, the woman who might soon be forced to move out of her home unless she gets a break.


Won’t you please consider helping my friend, Annette? 



  1. Annette is a fabulous lady worthy of a helping hand!

  2. Thank you. I am able to buy some more water and pay that that power bill.