Sunday, March 14, 2021

My First Computer Game--Leather Goddesses of Phobos


Video games I knew. I had gotten my first Atari console way back in 1981! But outside of a few illicit rounds of playing WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT on our receiving computer at Waldenbooks (which ceased when we were informed all of our game playing was also going on the daily back up tape we had to send in) and a four year old girl Rene and I were babysitting trying to teach us LEISURE SUIT LARRY (a game she knew FAR too much about!), I had never played a computer game.

1995 found us living briefly with my mother-in-law, in my wife's old room, which had her old computer--a Commodore 64! One night, when I couldn't sleep, I got up and figured out how to turn it on. There were several game boxes nearby and I opted to try the intriguingly titled: LEATHER GODDESSES OF PHOBOS.

This was, of course, a 1980s game and most games at that time were text-based, with Dungeonmaster-style "choose your own adventure" instructions. Maybe it was my lack of sleep, but I never did figure this one out or get anywhere particularly interesting. Here, though, from the Internet, I present what the game was SUPPOSEDLY about! 

Rene kept after me to buy a more updated computer of our own but I could never figure out what we could even DO with one other than play games and by that point we had a Sega as well as my aging Atari. Later that year, though, I caved, and we bought what would be MY first ever home computer. A Digital Starion PC. It cost a small fortune and sat for some months in a disused room, just as I had expected.  

Then one day we came into possession of one of those briefly ubiquitous AOL disks.
And here we are today, with me on an IMac with a total of 12 TB plug-in storage.

Sometimes the '90s seem like they were just a couple years back. Other times they seem like ancient history. 

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