Sunday, March 07, 2021

Earle Doud Presents Henry the First starring Kenneth Mars

Earle Doud was always a funny guy, one of those behind the hilarious FIRST FAMILY record albums of the early 1960s that starred Vaughn Meader and spoofed the quirks of JFK and his family and Administration. A side effect of the Kennedy assassination was that Meader's career was pretty much killed, too. 

For his part, Doud spent years attempting to find gold again with another political humor LP. This resulted in some good and funny efforts, but none anywhere near the mega-success of the FIRST FAMILY LPs. 

This one, with its lovely Hirschfeld covers, I had not heard of, though. The Internet Archive offers "excerpts" but they aren't even whole lines in many cases, let alone whole album cuts. As of this writing, though, one can hear the entire album on YouTube here:


 A spoof of the omnipresent Dr. Henry Kissinger, check out the names involved in this, starting with a rare lead role for the great Kenneth Mars. Mel Blanc, Joan Gerber, Leigh French, Frank Welker, Chuck McCann, Kim McGeorge, Rich Little, Jesse White, and even Peter Fonda!



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