Thursday, March 09, 2017

New Books Here at the Library

Off work today, so son David and I hit the Public Library Used book sale over in the next county. He got one and we picked up one for Rene (who wasn't feeling well and had to beg off). THESE were my choices. The entire haul cost us only $5.50! 

The Jon Gnagy art book seems to be the 1950s original (there's no date on it) as it references the artist's then-popular TV series.

BRAIN DROPPINGS is George Carlin's first book in a nice hardcover. 

HIPPIE is by Beatle biographer Barry Miles and is thick with lots of color pics I've never seen.

One of the Garland books covers her career and the other her life. Both are heavily illustrated so between the two, one is likely to get the full Judy story.

Top right is THE SEWING CIRCLE, a book I read when it was new. It's about the lesbian subculture in old Hollywood. Gossipy and a tad questionable as I recall but interesting reading.

The volume sans dust cover is Steve Allen's THE FUNNY MEN, the last book of his that I did not have, I believe, and one I've been hoping to encounter for about 3 decades now.

Taxi is one of two books on that TV series--the one I didn't already have.

The remaining books are autobiographies from Christopher Reeve,Don Rickles, Terri Garr, and Sally Kellerman, who by sheer coincidence, was answering a question from me last night on STU'S SHOW!

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