Sunday, March 19, 2017

Comics R.I.P.s

If 2016 was the years the music died, then 2017 may be shaping up as the year the comics died, In the space of less than two weeks, the industry has lost two pioneering underground cartoonists in Jay Lynch and Skip Williamson. 

I spoke with Lynch only once, in a discussion online about an old newspaper clipping I had found on him. Craig Yoe introduced me to Williamson a few years back, though, with whom I worked on promotional ideas for his two ebook memoirs. 

Both men were published very early in their careers in Harvey Kurtzman's HELP and were EC devotees, as was...

Bernie Wrightson. Wrightson had grown up idolizing Graham Ingels and the EC horror crew rather than the MAD guys, and that would serve him well! The first time I ever saw Wrightson's work was on NIGHTMASTER but the first time I ever really loved his work was with the cover seen here.

Rest in Peace, guys. And thanks!

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