Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mattel's Man in Space

Major Matt Mason, Sgt. Storm, Doug Davis, Jeff Long and all of their cool equipment were the Boys' Barbies when I was a kid. These are photos gathered from the Net. All I have left now are 3 of the vehicles seen in the above pic and the Firebolt Space Cannon two pics below.


  1. I had a lot of the Major Matt Mason stuff when I was a kid. I had three or four of the astronauts, Captain Laser, Scorpio, and a few of the vehicles. I actually still have Major Matt and Sgt. Storm, albeit in somewhat worn condition.

  2. This is THE toy. I got one of the Matt Mason figures in that handy carrying case they had with rocket sled and environment suit. I played with this on the hillside behind my house for hours until and after the wires in Matt's arms and legs had long snapped. The Appalachian rockfaces proved a most worthy moonscape.

    Thanks for the memory!

    Rip Off

  3. I'm lucky enough to own three Matt Masons (one with the original, smaller head), three Callistos, and one each of Storm and Davis - plus a few pieces of equipment. A great toy, but not very durable, unfortunately. The paint rubbed off within hours and the wire snapped within days, but the playtime possibilities seemed endless.

  4. Cool toy I had the 6th photo of Matt on that flat craft.
    I remember playing w/ it so much the wire popped out of his elbow. Sort of like my many Gumby replacements.
    But I still have Major Matt Mason Little Big Book.

  5. He is one of my Holy Grail toys. I just love the concept so much. How many other old toys do you have. What shape are they in?