Monday, March 24, 2014

Kathy Coleman and "MUM'S DIMES"

Many of my readers will no doubt remember my friend Kathy Coleman from the groundbreaking Saturday morning TV series LAND OF THE LOST in the seventies. Well, Kathy has posted on Facebook what I think is a great idea so I wanted to share it here as well. Hopefully many of us will get behind this.
Here's Kathy's original post:
I have a very interesting story to tell my Facebook friends: My mother passed away when I was 25-years-old. My mother was Australian and we called her “MUM”. About a year before my mother died, she visited my sister Colleen’s apartment that Colleen shared with a roommate. When my mother walked in through the door, she noticed a dime on the floor. She picked it up and asked if this was HER dime. Both Colleen and her roommate laughed because MUM had not been to the apartment before.
After MUM died, Colleen started to find dimes A LOT!!! Colleen didn’t make a connection at first, but after finding so many, she started to wonder if these were a message from MUM. Colleen told me this story and then I started to find dimes A LOT!!! We then told other family and friends and they started to find dimes A LOT!!! We all find them in the most amazing and ridiculous out-of-the-ordinary places.
Colleen found one dime balanced on the doorknob to her office, and one dropped out of the floorboard to her son Ian’s new home. Her son Max found one stuck in the seal of the refrigerator door and one inside the motor of a fan he was cleaning. When our sister got married for the first time at age 62 (which was a miracle in itself) we found over 10 dimes during her reception and wedding. We find dimes in the strangest places. They seem to appear during happy times of celebration and during hard times when we need the reassurance that someone is watching over us. Colleen found a dime right after she had to put her 15-year-old ill Dachshund to sleep and Colleen was feeling distraught.
We recently told this story to a mother and son that we made friends with. The next day, the son texted us to let us know that he had found a dime in the gym locker that he used that morning and again in front of his car door. Other people we have told this story to have also started finding dimes.
I would like to start a Movement in honor of my “MUM” that will benefit charity. I feel that any of you who are reading this story will also start to find dimes. I would LOVE if you will start to collect any dimes you find (maybe keep in a Ziploc baggie) and when you have maybe 10 or 20, drop them off at any COINSTAR and hit the button that donates these dimes to charity. It may only seem like a dollar or two that is going to charity, but if you tell your friends this story, these dime amounts could multiply and make a great contribution to charity! It will make us all feel good and at the same time we are doing something nice for others.
When any of you start to find dimes, please post your stories of where YOU found dimes, and the amount of dimes you dropped off at Coinstar, to my Facebook page. If this really takes off, I will start a new Facebook page called “MUM’s Dimes” dedicated to all my Facebook friend’s stories.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart….Kathy Coleman

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