Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You Can Help Professor Fester

What I said before about the unspoken fraternity of bloggers comes into play again, here. Seen above, along with his sidekick Sarah, is Professor Fester Faceplant. That's probably NOT his real name but, hey, it's the Internet. It counts. Fester has a blog I've recommended a number of times on my now-on-hiatus I.T.C.H. column. It's called THE CHARLTON COMICS READING LIBRARY. He also runs a great Charlton page on Facebook and has been putting together a great-looking Charlton fanzine on pure determination that has all-new contributions from a number of Charlton writers and artists! On top of that, he's a great student and historian of obscure music as seen at his FESTOLOGY blog!

Well, Fester took ill not long ago and now that's come back to bite him bad over the last 24 hours or so. Here are a couple of updates from Sarah.
so! today, Fester was sent home from work early. he'd been puking all morning, and his supervisor decided he was in no shape to be working. so he comes home, takes a nap, and wakes up in bad shape. we go to Urgent Care... from there, back home for a minute, as the doctors have told him to go to the ER in Winston-Salem, at the REAL hospital. when we pull in our parking space, we see a note in the door. it's holly, from the temp agency, saying that he's been fired.

we go to the emergency room at Baptist Hospital and wait another six+ hours. he has a MASSIVE kidney infection and has been admitted for possibly two or three days, so he can be blasted with IV antibiotics and fluids. he's in room A1172, feeling groggy, full of morphine, and on his way to a speedy recovery (we hope!)

what a shitty day.
Fester Faceplant update:

he's miserable!! so far, they're just pushing fluids. they are waiting on the cultures to grow, to best understand what's wrong and which antibiotics to utilize. he's not much in the mood for talking. nicotine patches make him sick, and he's jonesing for a smoke. since they're still waiting on cultures, Fester could be in that hospital room for DAYS. I can't say how much I appreciate your well-wishes and moral support 

if anybody is feeling generous, our paypal information is skeith03@gmail.com

a HUGE thanks to Roger McKenzie and David Pumphrey for their donations, and to Caroline Grout for helping us with the charity application, and Jason and Beverly Luffman for offering to help out with watching Quaidy, so he's not spending too much time in the hospital. hopefully we won't get evicted, nor have a 5-figure hospital bill.

my boy is still sleeping, but when he gets up, I'll be heading over to Baptist, to check on our hero, and bring him comfy clothes and reading material and ice coffee and smooches.
 What they need besides prayers and good vibes is a quick influx of cash to avoid being evicted. Sarah mentions their Paypal email address but I'll mention it again. 
You guys have helped me when I needed it. Now I'm trying to pay it forward. If you have a little bit to spare this week, please consider a donation!

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  1. thanks again, Steve! You are a true stand-up citizen and friend!