Thursday, June 01, 2023

Meet Merrie Spaeth at Comic-Con 2023!

Now that the San Diego Comic-Con has announced her, I can tell you that Merrie Spaeth--the former teen movie star, politician, and Presidential advisor who, it turned, out wrote quite a few horror comic books for Gold Key's new York publishing division in the early 1970s--is going to be a special guest!

Longtime readers may recall I stumbled across her heretofore unknown comic book career a few years back while looking up one of my favorite '60s movies, THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT. Merrie starred with fellow actress Tippy Walker in the George Roy Hill film. Hill later gave us THE STING and A LITTLE ROMANCE, amount many other hits. Peter Sellers played the title role, but it's a decidedly secondary part. Angela Lansbury, Tom Bosley, Paula Prentiss, and Al (Grandpa!) Lewis co-star!

As she grew into young adulthood, Merrie became interested in politics and made an unsuccessful run for office early in her career. She began writing and wrote for everything from THE WALL STREET JOURNAL to GRIMM'S GHOST STORIES. These days she is a communications specialist and this will be her first ever convention of any kind! See the Comic-Con website for details!
Here are the some of the many Gold Key comics on which she worked in the early 1970s.


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