Thursday, June 29, 2023

Baby Bear Comes Back by Merrie Spaeth--Review/Promotion


Baby Bear Comes Back is the new illustrated children’s book written by my friend Merrie Spaeth. Merrie, as some of you may recall, has done everything from acting in hit movies, writing comic books, advising a US president, and running her own consulting business. One thing she had NOT done was writing a children’s book. That has now been rectified.


Although it has undeniable echoes of some of the timeless themes of Toy StoryThe Velveteen RabbitThe Giving Tree, and even Calvin and HobbesBaby Bear Comes Back most definitely presents its own unique take on them. It’s about the importance of imaginary friends in our lives, of stability, something familiar to hold on to as you slowly become aware that everything else constantly changes.


I teared up reading it. I really did. Yes, Baby Bear Comes Back is a book for children, and Merrie does a really good job channeling the feelings of very young children, but I consider it a book for adults, too. It reminds us of feelings we forget as we grow up, deep feelings that meant so much to us that we knew we couldn’t live without them…and yet in time they’re lost. 


It also comes with a coloring book and a beginner’s comic book!


Booksteve recommends, for your kids, your grandkids, and for yourself. To remember. 


You can order copies of Baby Bear Comes Back here:


And Merrie has stated that a portion of any books sold in the next two weeks will go toward my medical fundraiser. I had two stress tests this week and now we’re looking at an angiogram.  


If you’ll be in San Diego next month at Comic Con, Merrie Spaeth will be a special guest and will have copies of Baby Bear Comes Back on hand. Tell her Booksteve sent you!

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