Saturday, August 13, 2022

Booksteve Film Festival Canceled

The 2022 Booksteve Film Festival has been canceled for the remainder of the year. Why? Well, back in January, I watched an average of a movie a day. The last couple months, however, I've been busy with stuff I can't do while watching movies. With August nearly half over, I find that I've only seen one and one half movies thus far and this next week is filled with errands and doctors' appointments and helping son Bookdave (returned from Grad School with  Masters' Degree in math Education!) get set up for his first real job. 

So here are the movies for August. Above, SKIPALONG ROSENBLOOM was low-budget hilarity from the 1950s! A parody not just of cowboy pictures but of TV cowboy pictures in particular, complete with fake commercials! Ex-boxers "Slapsie Maxie" and Max Baer, Sr. co-star as hero and villain, respectively, with Jackie Coogan, Raymond Hatton, Fuzzy Knight, and other familiar names and faces. 


This one was much fun but I was watching online and meant to get back to it and haven't had the chance. Low-budget Lubitsch Touch still makes for a great atmosphere. Merle Oberon is effervescent as the Hiccuping lead whose husband (Melvyn Douglas) doesn't pay enough attention to her. Buzzy Meredith is an iconoclastic pianist who enters her life and quickly upsets it. No idea how it ends...yet. 

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