Sunday, July 04, 2021

Pilot Season-1965

The recent YouTube ad Facebook post of the previously ultra-rare Shirley Jones pilot from 1965, DREAM WIFE, about a wife and mother with ESP, got me curious about what other pilots MIGHT have become series that year.


One was THE WILLIES, with comic actor George Gobel as a man who buys a hotel that turns out to be haunted by two ghosts dating back to the Revolutionary War, played by Hans Conried and Kathy Browne. 


THE GOOD OLD DAYS was essentially, “What if THE MANY LOVES OF DOBIE GILLIS was set in caveman days?” As if that needed to be driven home, Dwayne (Dobie) Hickman’s older brother Daryl starred in the pilot. 


THOMPSON’S GHOST would have offered Bert Lahr playing his usual screen character, only here as a befuddled spirit. 


Ex-Tarzan and Italian peplum star Gordon Scott was cast as HERCULES in what sounds like it may have been a bit pre-BATMAN campy.


WHO GOES THERE? Was another supernatural comedy with a portrait of General Custer and his supposed Native American servant coming to life.


HEAVEN HELP US with TV’s original James Bond—Barry Nelson—sounds like it might have been about angels. 


The odd couple of Ed Wynn and Ethel Waters would have starred in YOU’RE ONLY YOUNG TWICE. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s about a fountain of youth type something. 


Two apparently serious ghost shows would have been THE HAUNTED and THE GHOSTBREAKER, the latter with former movie Sinbad, Kerwin Matthews. 


Polly Bergen was SELENA MEAD, a D.C. widow now working for the Secret Service.


Finally, THE MAYOR, a political drama, would have starred Chad Everett and Robert Colbert,  the future stars of MEDICAL CENTER and TIME TUNNEL. 

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