Friday, January 29, 2021

Johnny Hazard TV Show-1962

I was never a big fan of Frank Robbins' comic book work but I did like his JOHNNY HAZARD newspaper strip quite a bit once i discovered it in the 1970s in THE MENOMONEE FALLS GAZETTE, a  weekly newspaper that was ALL comic strips!

And those were the then-modern strips! Still to come in the 1980s were multiple format reprints of JOHNNY HAZARD from earlier peak periods.

Tonight, whilst rummaging through old issues of VARIETY online, I found mention of a planned live-action Haz series dating from 1962!

One interesting point here is that it's implied that Howard Liss was writing the comic strip. Liss was a writer who wrote in various fields over the years but he was, as near as I can tell, not known to be associated with HAZARD. It's possible that the Introductions to some latter-day collections I don't have talk about his involvement... but Jerry Bails' online WHO'S WHO lists Howard Liss's strip work only as seen below. 


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