Wednesday, April 24, 2019

R.I.P. Greg Theakston

I first saw the name Greg Theakston in connection with Jack Kirby as Greg inked a lot of the King's later work (including THE HUNGER DOGS). A longtime fan, he became a friend and advisor to Jack. He even put out two books on Kirby, one on the '70s and the second volume in the '70s.

He also published fanzines like PURE IMAGINATION which covered in great depth the origins of Spider-Man. And an ambitious book project, THE COMPLETE JACK KIRBY.

And more books on Wallace Wood, Lou Fine, and other comics legends.

And THE BETTY PAGES! Greg was part of the cult of men a certain age smitten with the vanished 1950s pin-up queen. Unlike most, he was determined to find her. He published several issues of the digest sized BETTY PAGES as well as a couple volumes of a full-sized "annual" edition.

Bettie returned but not because of Greg but he did, at least, get to speak with her.

He continued publishing books, including the two seen here on Jack Kirby, both of which were proofread and edited by me (although Greg would sometimes choose to ignore my suggested changes or corrections).

A few years ago, he left Facebook and little was seen or heard from him anywhere until this week's report of his passing.

Greg Theakston was loved by some, reviled by others. He was a controversial figure in every sense of that word but he was a unique presence in comics fandom and a first class historian.

May he rest in peace.

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  1. I love his reprints, and am amazed no one ever sued him!