Friday, April 05, 2019

Mark Twain and the Monkees

When the Monkees finally came to an end in 1970, the last "group" LP, CHANGES, was left with only two Monkees--Davy and Micky. After that, the pair, who had bonded like brothers but also held a sibling-like animosity toward each other at times, went their separate ways for good. Briefly. 

Within just a couple of years, they began re-teaming for various projects, the most notable of which was the short-loved Dolenz, Jones, Boyce, and Hart supergroup that attempted with some small success to attempt to re-create the Monkees music AND humor. 

It was right after that, though, that they did this, one of their least known collaborations--Davy as Tom Sawyer and Micky as Huck Finn!

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