Monday, July 17, 2017

Jackpot Weekend

Many years back now, when I was managing bookstores, one of my employees told me she was writing a short romance story and asked me if I would read it. She brought a laptop in to work and I sat on my lunch break reading her story. I wasn't thrilled, to be honest, but her desire to write and her enthusiasm in the discussions that resulted wore off on me and reignited my own.

In the years since, I've become relatively successful. I may not be on the Bestseller lists but I've worked on more than 100 books and articles in one capacity or another since my management career ended.

As usually happens, I had long since fallen out of touch with my one-time employee but this being the Internet age, we met again a while back via the online world. She still wanted to be a romance writer. In recent months, I have offered my suggestions and advice, mailed her some books and magazines on writing, given her some insight into today's niche marketing, and generally supported her goal.

And that's because she's good. She's not great. Not yet. But her enthusiasm and passion are contagious and her characters and storytelling are fun and interesting. She just needs a good editor at this point and that's where I came in (he said modestly).

She's just published her first ebook, a short story or novella, really. It's an erotic romance, definitely NSFW and not appropriate for young readers. If this sort of thing appeals to you, I ask you to try it out. JACKPOT WEEKEND by Lacie A. Lion is available for Kindle or the Kindle app. It's a quick, fun, but most definitely ADULT read, for less than a dollar. If you like it, she's already written two more featuring the same characters that will be published soon.

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