Sunday, December 25, 2016

GoFundMe Deja Vu

This time last year, I shared a GoFundMe campaign here. My friend Leslie Hunter's mother, Dovie (above right) died unexpectedly at Christmas, just as both of my own parents had many years ago now. 

Some of you may recall that Leslie is a very talented artist whose work I admire to the point I've purchased two of her pieces (seen below). 

As you might imagine, it's been a tough year for Leslie and her stepfather and tougher still as the anniversary of her Mom's unexpected passing approached this month.

Then, the unthinkable happened. 

Her stepfather, Gary (left above) had a massive stroke last week and has been hospitalized ever since. He was quickly accepted as part of a special treatment program and there is hope but nothing is set in stone as far as his prognosis.

So here we are again with another effort to help Gary's family. Take a look at this link and if you can, in the spirit of Christmas, please consider a small donation. 

Prayers, good vibes and happy thoughts for Gary, Leslie, her kindergarten age brother, and the rest of their family certainly couldn't hurt either. 



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