Thursday, April 07, 2016

Cass Elliott

It's safe to say that Cass Elliott was one of the most influential stars of the 1960s. She may not have looked the typical hippie chick like her compatriot, Michelle Phillips, but she really was, complete with all the sex and drugs and rock and roll. Cass knew everyone and was instrumental in bringing together Graham Nash with David Crosby and Stephen Stills. While her place in rock history is secure and her reputation as one of the great voices of her time persists, it's easy to forget that the former Mama Cass had gone pretty darn mainstream for the several years before her untimely 1974 death. Not only did she appear on various TV variety shows and the Krofftt's PUFNSTUF movie but she even had her own TV specials!

With Julie Andrews

With Carl Reiner

With John Denver

With Bernadette Peters and Carol Burnett

With Buddy Hackett

With Martin Landau and Barbara Bain

With Tom Jones


  1. Let's not omit the pinnacle of Elliot's solo career - her guest shot on The New Scooby-Doo Movies.

  2. I didn't know she'd died as far back as 1974 (I thought it was later than that), a fact which surprises me as it means she'd died well before I'd ever heard her sing on a record. Great voice.