Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Boing, Boing!

What goes "Boing, Boiiiiing. Boingboingboing. Boink, boink?" For the last few weeks, we'd been hearing that occasionally in the Library. Thought it was something in one of several boxes in a corner but we moved those and took everything out. The noise left for a while but then started again. Traced it the other night to behind the music books shelves...only I climbed up on a ladder and looked behind and there's nothing back there but cobwebs. Taped together a long stick out of construction paper and climbed up again as the noise continued. Tried to push whatever it might be to the side. Nothing. Next step was to remove all the books and pull out the bookcase.

Found it! In retrospect, I guess since it was going "Boing, Boiiiiing. Boingboingboing. Boink, boink?" it should have been obvious!

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