Friday, June 09, 2006

You Know How You Get a Song Stuck in Your Head # 3

After several days of having the theme from THE ELECTRIC COMPANY (or rather an amalgam of ALL the various themes) stuck in my head, that particular fever finally broke and I awoke this morning to the flute laden whimsy of DOWN ON THE FARM by Irish (I believe) prog rock group, Camel. BREATHLESS was the only album I ever heard by them and I actually had IT on cassette! The music was nice but the songs and the lead vocals seemed slight. DOWN ON THE FARM had gotten some FM radio play so I was familiar with it but didn't pursue anything else by the group which, from what I understand, was splintering with this album. They kind of reminded me of the Peter Gabriel Genesis only not as full of themselves."Every Sunday morning, before daybreak, Down upon the farm, on the fishpond, All the little ducks, they go paddling, Look out goldfish you're for breakfast..." Gotta go to work with this in my head now. More later.

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