Friday, June 16, 2006

1965 Drive-In Ads

My family skipped the whole drive-in experience I'm sad to admit. In fact, until I begged, pleaded and cajoled my parents into taking me to see HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS in 1970 (age 11) at the Dixie Gardens we'd never gone at all! After that, we went a few times and I sometimes went with my friend Terry's family. In fact, we once saw a triple feature of BATTLE FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES, CREATURES THE WORLD FORGOT and SUPERARGO VS. THE FACELESS GIANTS! Now how cool was that?! After that, most of the drive-ins closed. Still, part of me wishes I'd grown up with the full experience. Maybe I would have seen some of these great drive-in combinations dating from 1965.

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Sonny Drysdale said...

A friend of mine also saw 'House of Dark Shadows' (she had never seen the TV show,) at the drive-in. At the age of nine years old, her babysitter took her and her little brother to the double-feature because the babysitter wanted to see 'Elvis: Live in Vegas.'

The sight of middleaged Elvis in the sequined suit may seem scarier to some than a vampire movie, but to this day, my friend still has bad dreams of Barnabas Collins turning into a 175-year-old man.