Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More Marlo

I couldn't find the signed photo that Marlo Thomas sent me some twenty-five years ago when I wrote my piece on THAT GIRL yesterday. This afternoon, though, as I was cleaning up for company coming by (always the best way to get cleaning done--invite company) I simply ran across it without looking for it. I lifted up a stack of papers and suddenly I guessed it...THAT GIRL! Actually, this is clearly Ms. Thomas herself, not Ann Marie. You can tell by the expression. In case you're wondering about the inscription, as I said in the earlierpiece we exchanged several letters. In one, I politely requested an autographed photo and she wrote me a nice letter about the photo...but neglected to send a photo. I rather sheepishly wrote again and mentioned that little fact and this was what turned up in my mailbox soon afterwards. Thanks, Marlo.

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