Friday, June 23, 2006

More Moore

Yesterday, I wrote of Alan Moore. If you are at all a fan of Alan Moore's work (and quite frankly I can't imagine you not being if you read my blog) I highly recommend these two remarkable volumes that came out in the summer of 2003. ALAN MOORE: PORTRAIT OF AN EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMAN offers 350 pages of essays, comics and illustrations in tribute to Alan. Those bowing low include Terry Gilliam (who began his career as Harvey Kurtzman's assistant!), Will Eisner, Steve Bissette and a host of international creators. There's a serious look at the first published chapters of LOST GIRLS and even new WATCHMEN art by Dave Gibbons! The other book, THE EXTRAORDINARY WORKS OF ALAN MOORE is a typically thorough effort from Twomorrows. Written by George Khoury (and friends) this one offers an obsessive checklist of all of Moore's published works to that point along with interviews, overviews and even more illustrated tributes. There's even a color section reprinting in its entirety Moore and Don Simpson's ironically black and white (essentially) story PICTOPIA from Fantagraphics fund-raising title ANYTHING GOES. Lots of photos in this one, too, including a couple of ultra-rare beardless shots of its star! There is no denying that Alan Moore redefined comics and left the door open for others like Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison to come in and redefine some more. These were but the first two books on his amazing career. I guarantee you there will be MOORE!

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