Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mr.Magoo Ad

Well, here's one you won't see again. This MoneyStation flyer dates from the early 1980's. Porky Pig may still get by in the new century but the near-sighted Mr. Magoo, once Columbia's Oscar-winning cartoon star, has long been the subject of complaints that he makes fun of sightless or sight-impaired folk. Yes, they revive MAGOO'S CHRISTMAS CAROL every year but he really doesn't play up the nearsightedness in that (except in the scenes now usually cut where he plays himself, not Scrooge). A few years back, of course, they did a live-action movie with Leslie Nielsen but it, too, was met with brickbats. Poor Quincy Magoo. Jim Backus was a fine character actor and an absolutely marvelous author and storyteller but, by George, his finest chracterization was Magoo .Now, in these more politically correct (read:opressed) times, Mr. Magoo is, like everything directly in front of him, little-seen.

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