Monday, June 17, 2024

Monkees-Changes 1970/2024

Seen above is the last LP from the original run of The Monkees. Released in 1970 and featuring only Davy and Micky with a mix of new and previously unreleased songs dating back as far as 1967, the colorful cover has always seemed a bit sad. With neither of them even looking at the camera, it seemed to be missing something...or someone.

Turns out what it was missing was the recently departed Mike Nesmith, who had also been there on that colorful set with them. They didn't even bother to do a new photo session with the remaining duo of Monkees. 

Now, though, I've learned that the image itself has been manipulated, with all the color and shadows added  (and very well in those pre-Photoshop days!). The actual photos of Mike, Davy, and Micky were lifted from this exact still taken from a 1969 Monkees appearance on THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW!

The question, of course, remains as to why this odd image of Micky and Davy was chosen when the Monkees after Peter left had numerous actual publicity photos as a trio where Mike could've been edited out! Here are a couple now. 

This morning, I spent 8 minutes making this NEW 2024 LP cover for 1970's CHANGES. 



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  1. I bought the CHANGES album when it was released. I was a big Monkees fan. I remember who told me and where I was when I found out that Peter had left the group. Sad to say, I never did see them in concert. Thanks for the memories.