Sunday, October 15, 2023

Cameos in The Phynx

Dorothy Lamour

THE PHYNX is the legendarily bad late '60s flick about a rock group formed by the government and trained as spies/secret agents (by Clint Walker and Richard Pryor!) in order to rescue scores of iconic American celebrities kidnapped by the Armenian government!

The film got a lot of pre-release publicity due mainly to the gathering of these and numerous other celebs  but ended up caught in Warner Bros-7 Arts transition to the Kinney Corporation and barely released. The teen mags had played up the film's title rock band ("The Finks" you see) as possibly the next Monkees but their music is so bad throughout the film, and they don't show much personality, so that was never a real possibility.

Number one on my "Want to See" List for a couple decades, I finally got hold of a copy via Video Search of Miami around 1994! It's more widely available now, so folks can see for themselves how bad it is. 

Best remembered, if at all, as the final screen appearance of Leo Gorcey, teamed here once again with Huntz Hall, his long-time sidekick from The Dead End Kids, The east Side Kids, and The Bowery Boys.

The Champ, The Colonel, and Tarzan

Andy Devine, Tonto, and the Lone Ranger

Georgie Jessel, Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen

Joan Blondell and Xavier Cugat

Butterfly McQueen

Cass Daley, Leo Gorcey, and Huntz Hall


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  1. How is that Ritz Bros did not do a cameo